Shortcuts for registering COM objects or NET assemblies

TipsHere are a few shortcuts to simplify working with assemblies (either COM or .NET) that I have found especially useful over my years as a developer.






Tip 1: Associate DLL and OCX file extensions with RegSvr32

If you are still working with COM style objects regularly, associating the DLL and/or OCX extensions with RegSvr32.exe (in the Windows\system32 directory) allows you to register or re-register them quickly by double-clicking the file in explorer.

Associate RegSvr32 with DLL Extension - Step 1

Step 1: Right-Click a DLL file and choose the "Open With..." command.



Step 2: Browse to WindowsWin32Regsvr32.exe


For those of you who work with managed assemblies more often, but still do a lot of interop work, an alternative is to associate DLL files to Regasm.exe or Regsvcs.exe


Tip 2: Use Windows “Send To..” folder for quick access to unregister a DLL

So now you can register components easily, what about un-registering them? That’s a snap too.

Just create a shortcut in the C:\Documents and Settings\{profilename}\SendTo directory with the target attribute set to %windir%\system32\REGSVR32.EXE /u and name the shortcut “Unregister DLL”

Shortcut to Unregister a DLL

Here it is in action


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