Stack Overflow DevDays – Austin

I’d been hoping that Joel and Jeff would come around and add Austin to the list of tour dates for the Stack Overflow DevDays mini-conference. And it appears that I’m going to get my wish.

Geek Chic?

Regardless of whether their motives were narcissism, greed, or simply reading my brainwaves despite my tinfoil hat, I’m glad I’ll get the chance to attend. I’ve already bought my ticket for the October 14th show in Austin, but I am not going to totally geek out and get the SO t-shirt.

Who is gonna be there?

I’ve looked at the Austin attendee list, but don’t recognize many names.  Also, they haven’t announced, to my knowledge, the speakers yet with the exception of Joel who is at all of these events. I was hoping for Skeet or Atwood, but I suspect neither is likely to make it down to Texas.

I’m planning on going solo right now. My company’s training budget is currently nil and none of my cohorts want to shell out the $100 from their own pocket when the speakers/topics haven’t even been announced yet.

I’m more interested in the event for the opportunity to hang out with other people in the SO/Fogbugz/Coding Horror subculture than the actual content, but also think it would be nice to get some exposure to technologies that I don’t have the opportunity to work with on a daily basis.

If any of my readers would like to meet up at the event, let me know.  For those that can’t make it, I’ll do a short review on the blog after the event.

Update: I just re-checked the site and it looks like Atwood will be there after all. Cool beans!

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