FogBugz News Network Plug-In


The FNN FogBugz plug-in provides additional reporting functionality to FogBugz to better enable you to keep tabs on your projects.  It also adds a working on indicator to the case-view.

Feature Summary

Recent Events Report

Available from the “Extras” pull-down menu, this report enables you to see what is going on in FogBugz. It shows a listing of recent case updates. This report can be filtered to a specific person or project. If the auto-update box is checked the report will act like a ticker with new items appearing at the top in real time.

FNN Recent Events Report

FNN Recent Events Report

Activity Report

This report is very similar to the Recent Events Report, but on this screen you can specify a custom date range instead of just showing the most recent updates. The Activity Report, which is now also available from the Extras menu in FogBugz.

FNN Activity Report

FNN Activity Report

Work in Progress Report

Also available from the extras menu, this report provides a centralized place to see what everyone is currently working on based on which case(s) they have marked using the built-in FogBugz “Working On” feature.

FNN - Work In Progress Report

FNN - Work In Progress Report

Working on Indicator

FNN displays a status indicator at the top of a case to indicate which user(s)  are working on that case, again according to their “Working on” settings. This feature is intended to help avoid the situation where a case is re-assigned to another user after they have started working on it.

FNN - Working On Indicator

FNN - Working On Indicator

Subscriptions Report (and Management Tool)

This screen is provides  an overview of who is subscribing to various items (Cases, Wiki Articles, Discussion Topics). Like the other reporting screens it can also be filtered by person and/or project. You can also remove a subscription from this screen for items where you are the subscriber or you are a site admin.

FNN Subscriptions Report

FNN Subscriptions Report

What does it cost?

Nada. It’s still freeware. I haven’t attached any licensing terms to it yet, but am okay with you doing whatever you want with it so long as you don’t steal my work and claim it as your own. Also, since some have asked. It’s not open source at this time. I’m considering it, but want to shepherd it along a little longer on my own before I let other cooks in the kitchen.

Where do I get it?

You can download and install the Scratchout plug-in from the FogBugz plugin gallery, it is also available for all FogBugz on Demand users from the plug-in administration screen.

System Requirements

This plug-in requires FogBugz 7.0 or later and will run on any of the platforms that support FogBugz plug-ins.

6 Responses

  1. Hi ,

    I downloaded your plugin. It looks great and useful to me. But I one more problem. I would like to see the ‘Area’ and the ‘Severity’ too..Both in detail and summary.

    Can you please let me know if there is a way if it can be added. Thank you in advance…


  2. Thank you John for considering. Is there a new update coming out soon ?

  3. Is there a way to allow for an export of more than 500 records for the activities report?

    • Not currently. That limitation was added to keep performance in check. I’ll consider adding an over-ride in a future version though. Thanks for the suggestion.

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