FogBugz Plug-in: Project Groups


The Project Groups plug-in enhances the project management functionality of FogBugz by adding the ability to organize FogBugz projects into a higher level of organization known as project groups. This plugin is especially useful for repositories with large numbers of projects, for example a development shop that does custom programming work on a consulting basis.

Feature Summary

Organize your FogBugz Projects

Each project group can contain any number of projects and a single project can belong to any number of project groups providing maximum flexibility for organizing repositories in whatever way best meets the needs of your development team. These relationships can be managed either from the built-in FogBugz project screen, or the new Project Groups screen that is available on the Admin Dashboard after installing the plug-in.

Search, Filter and Report on Cases

Project groups are completely integrated with the FogBugz searching, filtering, and reporting engine giving you more precise control when sorting through all of your FogBugz cases.

Suggested Uses

Because the plug-in provides a lot of flexibility you aren’t locked into a particular organizational structure for your projects. This allows you to create multiple logical groupings for the same set of projects to simplify searching for and reporting on cases.

For example, you could create project groups to organize them by any one, or all of these strategies concurrently:

  • By Client, Department, or Project Manager
  • By Project Status (Active/Retired)
  • By Product Line/Platform
  • By Platform (Web, Desktop, Mobile, etc.)

Project groups don’t add a lot of overhead, so they can even be used for one-off tags to be applied to projects without fear of creating performance issues.

What does it cost?

Nothing.  As of right now it’s free to all users of FogBugz. Although Fog Creek Software now owns the rights to this plug-in and can technically adopt any licensing scheme they want, it doesn’t look like they plan to charge for it, and have made it available from their plug-in gallery for download by their customers.

Where do I get it?

You can download and install the  plug-in from the FogBugz plugin gallery, it is also available for all FogBugz on Demand users from the plug-in administration screen.

System Requirements

This plug-in requires FogBugz 8.4.87 or later and will run on any of the platforms that support FogBugz plug-ins.

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