New FogBugz Plugin Released (FNN)

Just a note to let everyone know that I’ve just released my second FogBugz plugin, which is now available on the FogBugz Plugin Gallery under the name FNN.

This plugin, also known as “FogBugz News Network” adds some functionality to a FogBugz installation to provide a more real-time glimpse into what is going on for the projects managed in the system.

FB On Demand Users: FNN was submitted to FogCreek for approval on the FBOD installations earlier this week, so it should be available for you in the near future.

Recent Events Report

Available from the “Extras” pull-down menu, this report enables you to see what is going on in FogBugz. It shows a listing of recent case updates, for example resolving a case or assigning it to someone else.  This report can be filtered down to a specific person or project.

FNN Recent Events Report

Work in Progress Report

Also available from the extras menu, this report provides a centralized place to see what everyone is currently working on based on what they have marked with the “Working On” built-in FogBugz feature accessible from the upper right hand of the screen.

FNN - Work In Progress Report

Working on Indicator

Another feature included in FNN is a new status indicator displayed at the top of a case that indicates which user(s)  are working on the case, again according to their “Working on” settings.

Although the assignment features of FogBugz provide a good way to prevent two people from working on the same case, it isn’t uncommon for team leads to re-assign cases from one developer/tester to another to re-balance the workload.

Prior to this feature, we just used a custom FogBugz status called “Work in progress” that alerted everyone not to re-assign the case because work had already started. This status indicator effectively serves the same purpose without the need for a separate case status code.

FNN - Working On Indicator

Bug Reports, Comments, Suggestions

If you have any trouble with the plug-in, have ideas to improve it, or just want to tell me what you think of it, I’m happy to listen. You can e-mail me directly using the link provided in the Author column of the FogBugz plug-in administration page.